About us

The company REC Group Ltd. (or Recycling Ekological Center) is located in Staré Město near the town of Uherské Hradiště, in the Zlín region. The company was founded in 1998 and up to 30 June 2012 bore the name KOVOSTEEL Ltd. Because of the construction of the ecological city the company changed its name to REC Group Ltd. REC Group Ltd. is a company engaged in ecological education. We try to walk in the footsteps of Jan Amos Comenius – Learing should be fun.

On our company premises we have many attractions for children, which help to promote environmental education. For example – lighthouse „Šrotík, ship „Hope“, airplane L610, and the Metal Sculpture Zoo in which we have designed animals constructed from metal scrap. We also have educational training center in the Congress center and an interactive entertainment center.


Our Visions:

  • To Be a lighthouse in the world of recycling and environmental awareness.
  • To Get into public consciousness that REC Group Ltd. is a gathering of modern companies specializing in a wide range of waste recycling.
  • To Become the most recognized company in the world of recycling and ecological awareness.
  • To Build a functioning Ekoland, which is widely known for its ecological educational programs that educate the public a fun way in the field of ecology.


Company REC Group Ltd. Consist of 8 companies (KOVOSTEEL Recycling Ltd., RPG Recycling Ltd., OTR Recycling Ltd., STEELMET, Ltd., GELPO, Ltd., NEOMA Recycling, Ltd., MODRÝ KVITEK, Ltd. and A-GLASS Recycling, Ltd.) which together provide a comprehensive service solutions in the field of waste disposal and processing, demolition, reclamation, environmental consulting, education and other services.